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Clear Coat Collision Truck Body

Truck Bodies Service Bodies

Store and seamlessly access the tools, equipment, and supplies essential for your jobsite tasks, whether from the open bed or the conveniently integrated, externally accessible side compartments.


Enclosed Service Bodies

The built-in exterior storage compartments, as seen on the open service body models, are now complemented by a canopy enclosing the cargo area to enhance security and protect items from the elements.

Platform Bodies

Transport bulk materials or large cargo safely and efficiently using flatbeds equipped with the side accessories, flooring materials, bulkhead styles, and tie-down options best suited for your usage.

Gooseneck Bodies

Haul gooseneck trailers and make use of an open bed when needed, courtesy of a concealable hitch. Models are available with varying side choices and integrated outward-facing compartments.


Dump Bodies

Efficiently carry job-related bulk loose materials using dump beds ranging from light to heavy-duty, customized to the size, discharge features, and durability your application demands.

KUV Vans

A mobile service’s productivity increases with convenient access to equipment and supplies from these bodies’ external compartments designed for installation on your preferred van cutaway chassis.

Mechanics Trucks

These versatile vehicles, featuring ample tool and part storage, along with cranes for heavy lifting and other essential tools, enable mobile repair and servicing across a range of industries.


Fuel Lube Trucks

For preventative maintenance of heavy equipment across a variety of industries, look to a vehicle equipped with reel cabinets, new and salvage fluid tanks, and other field servicing capabilities.

Water Trucks

For the delivery and distribution of large volumes of water, models fitted with tanks of varying holding capacity and additional components like hose reels, draft fill, and water cannons are available.


Forestry Bodies

Tree care professionals depend on this design, with integrated ladder and pole pruner storage for the transportation, collection, and disposal of cut trees, wood chips, and other organic debris.


Saw Trucks

Created with concrete contractors in mind, this design optimizes the storage and handling of heavy concrete saws, blades, hoses, cords, and other supporting equipment used in slab and flat cutting.

Commercial Truck Bodies

Explore our diverse range of Truck Bodies, designed to meet every unique hauling need – from commercial to medical.

  • Dry Freight
  • Curtain Side
  • Platform
  • Specialty
  • Parts
  • Defense

Fire & Emergency

  • Pumper
  • Rescue
  • Rescue Squad
  • Rescue Pumper
  • Combo Rescue
  • Tanker
  • Specialty
  • Aerial


The trailers and vehicles we manufacture and design are integral to the customers, companies, and communities around the world where they perform.

What We Make Matters.®

Our specialty vehicles enable the mobility of your business, laboratory, kitchen, data center, or other unique application. Need to mobilize your business? Do you have an unusual mobile requirement? Why use a trailer designed for a different industry when you can have a specialized trailer designed specifically for your needs? What we make matters most for our customers. Contact us to make your business mobile.

Commercial Mobilized Business Trailers

  • Mobile Data Center
  • Mobile Kitchen / Food
  • Mobile Laboratory / Testing
  • Mobile Workshop
  • Mobile Classroom
  • Specialty Product Delivery

Explore our diverse range of Truck Bodies, designed to meet every unique hauling need – from commercial to medical.


A white commercial truck with an enclosed cargo area is parked, awaiting transport duties.


Large blue military/government truck.

Mobile Medical

White mobile medical trailer with doors open.

Moving & Storage

Large white moving and storage truck.

Service, Reconditioning, and Modifications

Clear Coat Collision can make your fleet look and perform like new again with interior and exterior treatments at a fraction of the cost. Contact us for modifications to your existing fleet.

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